March 17th, during the second day of quarantine in Caracas. Credit: Adriana Loureiro Fernández for The New York Times

“The situation is very disgraceful for all” – An Interview with Omar Vázquez Heredia

Omar Vázquez Heredia is a member of the Partido Socialismo y Libertad in Venezuela, and a professor at the Central University of Venezuela. He is the author of the book ‘La Cuestión Chavista. Estado Extractivista y Nación Petrolera’, the result of his PhD studies, where he presents a critical historical account of Chavismo regarding labor, agrarian, gender, settler-colonial and international relations issues. This interview by members of Venezuelan Workers Solidarity was carried out in writing in the week of April 27th.

Venezuelan Workers Solidarity: Statement of Principles

More information about Venezuelan Workers Solidarity in their website. We are a group of Venezuelan socialists residing in the United States, bound by our unconditional solidarity towards the working people of our country. We support workers’ and popular struggles against oppression and exploitation, and we sympathize with the fights carried out by independent socialists, feminists, … Continue reading Venezuelan Workers Solidarity: Statement of Principles