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This is an initiative by Venezuelan activists to bring to a broader English speaking public the voices of Venezuelan independent and left opposition activists, as well as articles and news about the hardships and struggles of the oppressed and exploited in this South American country, often misunderstood in spite of the worldwide attention brought to it by the political crisis. Against Venezuelan government oriented venezuelasplaining and pro intervention mainstream distortions, we attempt to help Venezuelan voices be heard…

3 thoughts on “About us

  1. I have never believed the Bolivarian ‘revolution’ was really socialist, even if the masses made certain gains. As you have documented, Maduro is moving to an accommodation with sectors of Venezuelan capital.and repression against popular opposition is increasing. Here in Canada, the solidarity movement has closed ranks with Maduro against imperialism without giving him political support. I basically agree with this orientation. How do you see addressing the contradiction of opposing Ottawa and Washington’s campaign for regime change and the sanctions it is imposing while coming to the defence of political and social rights in Venezuela? (the same question could also be posed, in its essentials, to Syria and Iran)?

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    1. Thank you for your question. Our answer is: Simply by not silencing demands on the Venezuelan government as well, such as demanding freedom for workers who are political prisoners, denouncing the absence of democratic rights and echoing the demands of feminists for the right to legal abortion, trade unionists who demand the right to have independent unions and the right to strike or to have a wage that enables a person to eat for a whole month, indigenous peoples who demand their territories be free of mining transnationals and military thugs, all these basic things should be said. Denouncing sanctions and imperialist interference is correct but if nothing else is done then there is no true internationalist solidarity with the Venezuelan working class.


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