Open letter in defense of Lusbi Portillo

Picture: Lusbi Portillo accompanying yukpa leaders Sabino Romero and Alexander Fernandez, a decade ago, after they were freed from political imprisonment. In subsecuent years Romero and Fernandez were killed. Professor Lusbi Portillo is an academic committed to the Indigenous Peoples and the Defense of the Environment in the State of Zulia. The governor of Zulia … Continue reading Open letter in defense of Lusbi Portillo

About the Venezuelan left opposition

An answer to Clifton Ross' article The leftist backlash against the Democratic Socialists' fun trip to Venezuela Image:, 2010 workers and left opposition protest in Maracay By Venezuelan Workers Solidarity The trip by members of the DSA International Committee (DSA-IC) to Venezuela in June stirred up important controversy. Prior to the trip itself, Venezuelan … Continue reading About the Venezuelan left opposition

Violence-plagued primaries in the PSUV

By Venezuelanvoices On Sunday, August 8, PSUV held its primaries to elect the candidates for the November regional elections. Although the primaries were open, meaning that more than 21.7 million people in the electoral registry could vote, only 3.5 million people did, according to official figures provided by first vicepresident of the party Diosdado Cabello. … Continue reading Violence-plagued primaries in the PSUV

Rapprochement between the government and business association Fedecamaras?

By Venezuelanvoices On July 20, Vice President Delcy Rodriguez was the main speaker at the opening of the annual assembly of Fedecamaras, the main bosses organization in Venezuela. Rodriguez's speech had some bizarre moments, such as when she assured that "the businessmen of the world look with envy at those of Venezuela". During the Fedecamaras … Continue reading Rapprochement between the government and business association Fedecamaras?