No to the threat of dismissal against Jose Bodas!

By C-CURA (Autonomous, Revolutionary, Unitary Class Tendency) Through social networks and other means, has circulated the rumour of a probable dismissal of Jose Bodas from PDVSA. Bodas is a refinery worker at Puerto La Cruz, in the state of Anzoategui, with 31 years of service in our main industry, plant operator, and general secretary of … Continue reading No to the threat of dismissal against Jose Bodas!

Venezuela’s Electricity Crisis: Imperialist Sabotage or a Crime of Chavez’s Bourgeoisie

On the afternoon of 7 March 2019, the electricity supply was cut off in more than 80% of Venezuela. This blackout was the highest point in a decade long electricity crisis, a collapse that industry workers had warned about for years, despite government attempts to completely silence their reports