Relatives denounce false positive on the execution of farmers in Apure (videos)


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According to their relatives’ testimonies, on March 25 in La Victoria, Apure state, a family of farmers was executed by members of FAES special police forces, who took them out of their home in the 5th of July community and killed them to present them as guerrilla members, in the Ripial community.

Based on this information presented by the son and the niece of the four people executed, a case of false positive* has been established, as members of FAES killed those farmers to simulate they had killed in combat members of groups known as FARC’s dissidents, operating in the Colombian-Venezuelan border.

The four people executed are Luz Dey Remolina, Emilio Ramírez, Jeison Uriel Ramírez and Ehiner Anzola Villamizar. A couple and two son-in-laws from the same family. The corpses of the farmers were photographed to expose the alleged casualties killed in combat, but a set-up is presumed because they have new boots on, clean pants, a grenade and an automatic gun located near their hands.  

The massacre committed by FAES members as part of a false positive is a consequence of the military and police operation perpetrated by the government of Nicolás Maduro in Apure state, in the border with Colombia, to eradicate the presence of the so-called FARC’s dissidents, who apparently are not subordinated to the mandate of Iván Márquez and Jesús Santrich.

From the beginning of the military and police operation, on March 21, different inhabitants of that area have denounced abuses committed against the civil population, and in light of their rejection to this situation they have been threatened and received beatings. This, and the armed confrontations, have displaced thousands of people to Colombian territory, to get away from the area where FAES and FANB (the Venezuelan army) carry out the military and police operation.

*Note by Venezuelanvoices: The expression “false positive” originated in Colombia in the wake of the denounciation of the murders and forced disappearances of thousands of young colombians presented by the colombian military as guerrilla members killed in combat, during the extreme right US backed government of Alvaro Uribe. As the venezuelan government has used the same method, the term has become widely used in Venezuela as well.

The tweet reads: @juniorparra19: “We contacted Raiza Isabel Remolina, relative of those killed yesterday in Apure. She says they were not guerrilla members, they were farmers, FAES took them out of their homes (5th of July neighborhood) and they showed up killed in El Ripial dressed as guerrilla members, with guns and grenades
The tweet reads: #26March Denounce of family KILLED by the Venezuelan Armed Forces in El Ripial, Urdaneta parish, Apure state, creating a false positive. Guns and grenades were put to justify their deaths. Wide uniforms, clean and tied by ropes.

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