Open letter by Rodney Alvarez in rejection of his conviction

Image: Campaign for the liberation of Rodney Alvarez

Greetings to comrades, brothers and friends.

God bless Venezuela.

Comrades, as you well know, this is a framing, corrupt, starving, anti-worker and vile government.

This anti-worker government has taken me, Rodney Alvarez, as a scapegoat, to cover up its hit man, its criminal.

I, Rodney Alvarez, have been imprisoned, accused and condemned without any evidence just for being a worker, a wage earner, a modern slave of the Venezuelan Capitalist State, who beats, represses, and beats us while we only receive crumbs.

The Venezuelan Capitalist State persecutes and wants to deprive the entire working class of its freedom.

I, Rodney Alvarez, worker of the company Ferrominera del Orinoco, have been kidnapped by this Venezuelan Anti-Worker Capitalist State. After 10 years of kidnapping, illegitimately deprived of my freedom without any evidence against me, and the police records themselves confirm that it has never existed, the Capitalist State has decided to dictate a sentence of 15 years in prison against me.

All the evidence of the homicide for which I have been illegitimately condemned fell and falls on the only guilty party, the hitman and thug Hector Maican, an officialist delinquent whom they wanted to cover up.

Don’t keep me in jail without any evidence. We are treated like beasts, like animals, and it is not surprising because that is how all Venezuelan workers are treated. We must all shake off the yoke that oppresses us, that squeezes us. All of us must rise up. Why? Because timely help will only come from ourselves.

Let me tell you, citizen Prosecutor Regino Cova and citizen Judge Pablo Jose Vicentelli Puertas, you separated me from my family, you took away ten years of my life and you have kept me in captivity in the prison of El Rodeo, living the worst vicissitudes, being tortured and treated like a vile criminal and murderer, and not content with that you have sentenced me illegitimately and unjustly to 15 years in prison.

To the citizen prosecutor Regino Cova, I ask you, on what charges can you accuse me and keep me deprived of liberty, illegitimately kidnapped without any kind of evidence, knowing from all the police records who is the real culprit in the death of comrade Remy Rojas?

A member of the National Guard promoted as witness by the Public Prosecutor’s Office identified citizen Hector Maican as the individual from whom a gun was seized, why do you incriminate me without any kind of evidence and keep me away from my family?

Let me tell you, citizen prosecutor and citizen judge, that Rodney Alvarez, as you know very well, is innocent, and I will not rest until I regain my freedom and true justice is done. They may keep me kidnapped and illegitimately deprived of my freedom, but my thoughts will always be firmly committed with the emancipation of the working class.

I have asked the citizen Judge Pablo Jose Vicentelli Puertas, who must adhere to the law, to do justice since this trial is an injustice, a trial flawed from the beginning, since there was no evidence to blame me, to incriminate me, of having committed a homicide.

If I am guilty of anything, it is of generating profits, surplus value, to the Venezuelan Capitalist State managed by corrupt politicians, that’s what I am, a simple worker and wage earner who sells his labor force to be able to survive with crumbs.

And this is how I am being paid, getting thrown in jail to cover up for the real murderer, Hector Maican, hitman and murderer at the service of the Capitalist State. Citizen judge, I ask you to do justice.

Comrades, brothers and sisters of the working class, we ourselves must make the effort and take to the streets because no one is going to stand up for us, no one is going to fight for us. It is up to ourselves to fight in the streets to defend our right to work with dignity and freedom.

Thank you very much, that’s all I have to say.

One struggle, one class.

Rodney Alvarez

Proletarian in Struggle

Greetings comrades.

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