Violence-plagued primaries in the PSUV

By Venezuelanvoices On Sunday, August 8, PSUV held its primaries to elect the candidates for the November regional elections. Although the primaries were open, meaning that more than 21.7 million people in the electoral registry could vote, only 3.5 million people did, according to official figures provided by first vicepresident of the party Diosdado Cabello. … Continue reading Violence-plagued primaries in the PSUV

How did Chavismo win 92% of the National Assembly?

By Simon Rodriguez Picture by Carlos Ramírez. Operation Liberation of the People, Caracas, 2017. On December 6 took place the election of the members of the National Assembly (AN), the unicameral Venezuelan parliament. The campaign was almost non-existent in much of the country and few voters went to the polls. In many places the lines … Continue reading How did Chavismo win 92% of the National Assembly?