Caracas: Picket in front of the Russian embassy in rejection of the invasion of Ukraine

By PSL Press

Caracas, May 13, 2022. In the morning hours, representatives of the Socialism and Freedom Party (PSL), the Toromayma Cultural Collective and the Citizens’ Platform in Defense of the Constitution, gathered in front of the Russian embassy in Caracas, rejecting the invasion of Ukraine, as well as in support of the resistance of the Ukrainian people and workers against Putin’s invading army, from a perspective of rejection of any imperialist and NATO military intervention, and without giving any support to the capitalist government of Zelensky.

As is known, the imperialist army of Russia invaded neighboring Ukraine last February 24. What some would have expected to be a stroll for one of the most powerful armies in the world, has turned into a bloody war in the face of the heroic resistance of the Ukrainian people.

Unfortunately, much of the world’s left wrongly supports Putin or assumes a neutral position, de facto endorsing the invasion of Ukraine, a country impoverished by years of brutal adjustments applied by the different capitalist governments that have taken turns in power since Ukraine’s independence in 1991.

The act carried out today at the Russian embassy has a special significance, due to the fact that in our country the Maduro government unreservedly supports Putin, and backs the invasion, as do other Stalinist or false socialist governments in the region, such as Cuba and Nicaragua.

In our country, the majority of the left has avoided taking a stance, while some directly support the invasion. Hence the importance of the act carried out by PSL, the Toromayma Cultural Collective and the Citizens’ Platform in Defense of the Constitution at the Russian Embassy.

It is important to mention that upon arriving near the embassy we were met with a large number of police, who approached us to ask for identification, preventing us from approaching the diplomatic headquarters. Clear evidence of the subordination of the Venezuelan government to Russian imperialism.

Something to note is that a journalist from Agence France Press was there, who, upon realizing that in addition to rejecting the invasion, we did not support NATO or any imperialist intervention, proceeded to leave without covering the protest, a reflection of the censorship exercised in Venezuela by mainstream media, which has its counterpart in the censorship and repression in Russia against anyone who demonstrates in opposition to the invasion.

The act was adressed by Miguel Angel Hernandez of the Socialism and Freedom Party, Samuel Bravo of the Toromayma Cultural Collective and Luis Perez of the Citizens’ Platform in Defense of the Constitution.

Original post in spanish.

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